Frequently Asked Question's

Who are the people behind us?

Our investment team is made up of experienced investment professionals from a broad range of backgrounds. We have global leaders with clout as well as private equity experts with experience spanning geographies, along with successful entrepreneurs having experience of exits, IPOs, M&As across domains. Our team in India is headed by graduates from prestigious institutes such as IIT and IIM.

What stages do we invest in ?

We engage in, not limited to, early-seed stage of startups and growth stage of established companies. Startups in pre-revenue stage and entrepreneurs in idea stage can also connect with us.

What sectors do we target ?

We try not to limit ourselves to single verticals. We care more about impassioned founders, large markets, and exponential technology and organizations. Our primary target is finding the best companies in big technology markets, and focus on companies which target unorganised markets.

What is our investment criteria ?

We look at lots of criteria and go through 3 layers of detailed analysis. Important ones include product and/or solution, market size/segment and market readiness, business model, company’s early traction and of course the Team. We are attracted to original, innovative uses of technology. We have a strong bias for great products, big markets and signs of early traction, but we don’t expect everything to be perfect. We’re called Idein Ventures for a reason.

What is the size of investment do we typically make ?

This mostly depends on the needs of the company. To date our investment size has ranged from $150K-$500k for Seed Stage Companies and for Growth Stage companies we look for $ 1 million to 10 million, but not limited to the same and vary with the companies.

What type of exit strategy are we looking for ?

Our preferred exit strategy depends on what is most suitable for your company, and can include a merger or acquisition, an initial public offering (IPO) or management buyout.

Will we sign an NDA before I submit my business plan ?

We will not sign an NDA, nor would any VC firm or investor listening to many ideas. We guarantee confidentiality of your particular idea.

How much equity do we expect ?

This is the billion dollar question and would depend on the project that is subject of discussion.

What is the process after you submit your Pitch Deck for review to us ?

After we receive your Pitch Deck, one of our team member will review and evaluate your opportunity for investment. If we determine your opportunity is not a good fit, we will inform you that we are not pursuing an investment. If we determine that your opportunity may be a good fit, we will contact you to request more information. If we are interested in learning more after reviewing this information, we will setup a conference call or face-to-face meeting to get to know you, your team and your opportunity in more detail. It is in our best interest to make sure we process each application as accurately and efficiently as possible. We generally go through a 3-layered detailed analysis process after initial compatibility analysis.

After how long you will hear back from us after submission of your Pitch Deck ?

Your venture will be thoroughly reviewed by our team in the first round of screening. Depending on the outcome, you may be asked for more information to clarify certain aspects of your business or we decide to not go ahead with the opportunity all together. Either way, we strive to get back to you within 72 hours. Delays in response shall mean lowering of the priority level for the respective opportunity due to preliminary internal analysis.

How long will the funding process will take place ?

Our decision process is rigorous. It mostly depends on our interest in the venture and may take anywhere from 4 weeks to 5 months. We may also need to wait and watch the growth of the company in cases where there is a need to. After signing of term sheet, the process of funding is dependent on how long.

How do we generally find investment opportunities ?

In addition to leveraging our extensive relationships with entrepreneurs, investors and other players in the startup community, we are continuously researching and understanding emerging market opportunities. We proactively reach out to the entrepreneurs that are performing well in their respective markets, to start a dialogue that often leads to an investment. We also like to hear directly from entrepreneurs and you can suggest us a company as well. Please send an e-mail to or submit your plan here.

What support can you expect beyond money ?

We believe money is over-rated and its value should not be seen in absolute terms but in a relative manner. This means that the value of our support beyond money is way more than the value of money itself. We believe in this and we strive towards the same. The extent of our support may reduce over time once the company establishes itself and starts generating returns.

Are you organising an event and want Idein Ventures to be part of ?

We are looking forward to be part of national, international and regional events which focus on the spirit of entrepreneurship and startup community. If you require us to be one of the panelist/speakers/judge/venture partners at your event, please write to us at Our international brand value adds to the value of any event we partner with and hence we choose our events selectively.

We are Incubators/accelerators/institution based TBI. How can we connect to build synergies ?

We look forward to connect with you, as we have a number of areas through which synergy can be established. Please connect with us on our contact us page or write to us at