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There are Venture Capital firms which have LPs contributing towards their funds. It’s not easy to become an LP in any major marquee VC/PE firm. There are Angel Networks who connect potential angel investors to companies for investment. And then there is Idein Ventures which gives the rare opportunity to investors to invest with us through our structure, thus allowing selected external parties to partner with a global Venture Capital and Private Equity firm like ours, and reap the benefits of successful returns. We operate through multiple structures in India, USA and UAE, and are associated with many ultra-HNIs, small investors, sovereign bodies, and fund of funds. For more details, please fill the form on this page.

Understanding Startup Investments

Idein Ventures is on its path to create multiple unconventional techniques to offer new forms of investments. It has hundreds of millions of USD worth assets under direct or indirect control, and is in the constant process of increasing its value, with clear plans to cross 1.5 billion USD in the coming years. We invite global citizens from across the world to discuss more about such form of investments with us (without need or agenda of any commercial transaction with respect to such discussions and advice). Even if you just wish to know more about such forms of investment in any country, you can connect with us through the given form. Some frequently asked questions about startups, their growth potential, and risks associated with them, are addressed here.

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