Crazy Ideas for Sales

7 Crazy Ideas to Increase Sales- Randomness all around

Sales comes in many shapes and sizes; and there are thousands of conventional ideas, thrown in dozens of bestsellers, talking about the ways to increase sales in specific domains. Here, let me share some random ideas experimented through my experience, in the most layman manner possible.

Are these ideas really crazy? May be, not. Are they conventional? May be, Yes. But I’ve always felt crazily liberated whenever I’ve executed these. So for the minnows out there, well, let’s dive in. The points go riskier when you go down. (Note: these are not marketing ideas, for the same go through one of my earlier posts)

1. ‘Reverse Focus’ Style: We generally talk about ourselves when we sell. But try talking about the customer (the idea can be used for B2B as well as B2C sales) next time. Talk about them, talk about their preferences, talk about their lives, talk about their competitors and talk about their friends. Make the story all about them- make them the hero. Make them live their dreams and help them achieve the same partially. And then slip in, in the most subtle manner possible, your ideas and your products.

2. Knock Knock ! Who’s there? CEO ! CEO Who…: Turn the boss into the door salesman. Give your clients the ultimate surprise, let them know about the importance which you give to the client. Shock them by arranging a non-scheduled visit by someone very high up in the team. This works mostly for SME sales, but can be used in End User Sales as well. Looks expensive? Not really, if you know where to knock!

3. The Victim Card: Now, this is tricky. But this is something which I have used all my life, ever since I first experienced this as a kid. And since then, my teachers, school principals, and even investors (sigh!) have been the ‘victim’ of ‘the victim’. Don’t just show the strengths of your product. Sometimes, its important to show the weaknesses. Build the weaknesses in a meek way, and end on a high with a trump card, which overshadows every weakness. Now, apply the concept of relativity here, and you will know how weak card followed by trump card is able to trump everyone out there.

4. Jack and Jill went up a hill. And they are our new Ambassadors.: Every single person in your company, and their friends, and the friends of their friends, and their cousins, and the friends of their cousins, and their hometown buddies and the buddies of their buddies- every one- can be your ambassador. The employee who has left your organization, has he really left you? Well no, he is your ambassador too. So, basically, both Jack and Jill can represent and sell for you. All they need to do is go up the hill (I’ll leave it at that :)).

5. Dessert is tastier than Main Course: Sometimes, we focus so much on the main course, that we fail to understand core human psychology. Robin always remained the sidekick of Batman, but your product’s secondary features may become the hero and trump its primary features. Because sometimes, what’s primary is too common and what’s secondary is the Innovation.

6. I’m Arrogant and I don’t give a damn: Do you always need to follow up with your customer? Not really. Sometimes, you may play the arrogant card and show them that you are the boss. Create subtle environment of attraction around the customer, nurture their feelings, and steadily pull them towards you; so that they follow up with you and its not the other way round. I remember applying this strategy with a major client once, while risking a lot of revenue on the line, after watching a movie about how a hero was able to win a girl’s heart by ignoring her. Now who said, sales can be done without risks?

7. I’ve an Army. And I’ll unleash it on you.: They always say that customer should always be followed up by a single point of contact. But “they” is not always correct. Sometimes, planned strategic army style follow-up can be menacing, but effective. Try this one sparingly.

Is selling anything really a challenge? Its not, if the product is worth being sold. So selling is not fun unless its crazy. Be crazy, Be awesome.